End-to-end Operations and Management services

With a primary focus on sustainable farming, Vasundhara offers landowners a hassle-free ownership of their farmland assets while earning a steady annual income. A 5-step approach helps us deliver end-to-end operations and management services to our customers. We take complete responsibility of managing a farm, right from planning to marketing of produce.


By operating large tracts of lands we are able to automate and mechanize key farming processes, ensuring greater speed in operational scale-up, higher consistency of farming and lower labor dependency. This coupled with our precision farming techniques helps us set-up hi-tech orchards and plantations. We focus on high appreciating crops that are high in demand, value and supply cycles. Profits are derived from farming yields that are produced for both the customer and Vasundhara, ensuring the incentives are aligned.

Landowners benefit from an optimized farming process, efficient supply chain, direct access to markets and an expert team of professionals that work closely to deliver best-in-class operations and management services.

As part of our end-to-end service, we provide investors real-time access to reports and financial statements and also allow tracking of growth, health and progress of their farmlands.