gokul website logo_transparentFertilize your Investment through Agriculture Development

When everyone is selling their farmland to builders for construction, Vasundhara is reversing this effect by promoting a concept called Agriculture Development.

What is Agriculture Development?

We are a unique green investment venture that allows people to buy agricultural land and gain profit from it. The Investors benefit from optimized farming process, efficient supply chain, direct access to markets and an expert team of professionals that work closely to deliver best-in-class operations and management services in agriculture development.

We offer our buyers high potential farming land starting as low as 1 acre. We are engaged in precision farming where we cultivate land productively and sustainably so as to maximize returns and minimize risk.

In return, investors get to own a fertile piece of farm land which will generate high returns on their initial investment.

Five Reasons to Invest with Us:

  1. We use state of the art precision farming technology to get the most productive yields out of the farm.
  2. We have expertise in Water and Crop Management which helps us in reaping cash rich crops.
  3. We have stake in the yield, making us responsible for our farming decisions, the more you gain the more we gain.
  4. Lesser risk and volatility compared to other investments, yet contributing it back to mother earth.
  5. In terms of low risk investments, you get the best returns for your money along with the agriculture land in your name.

Invest in a greener planet generating financial, social and environmental returns.

How this Works?

You purchase a piece of land from us and allow us to do farming on it on your behalf. With an extensive network of farmers and experts in crop management, we cultivate your land and maintain security, thereby ensuring the land not only gives back yield but is well maintained as well. In return we take a commitment to purchase this land back at an increased market value thereby increasing the return on your investment. In three years your land gives you back more than what you invested initially.

Which crops can be grown there?

Ideally cashew is the most sought after produce in the international market, but our options are endless from Watermelon to dates, to coffee, to pomegranate. Hence, trust our experts and do visit the site to know what’s growing in our land currently.


Our aim is to make Maharashtra as a major supplier and exporter of fruits & vegetables. With your contribution we wish to cultivate 300 – 500 acres of land and sell the produce.


With 100% investment in protected cultivation, investors can invest and benefit from tax-free income. We have identified several agricultural assets in Maharashtra and are in the process of developing protected farmlands.


Ownership of agricultural land along with high annual income opportunity to invest in a green venture – doing your bit for the environment.