Agri Investment

Direct Farmland Opportunities for Individual & Institutional Investors

Vasundhara’s Agri Investment model follows a simple 3 step process – Procure, Design & Develop and Manage.

Procure: Large tracts of farming lands (minimum 1 acre) is procured by Vasundhara for their investors on the basis of: water availability, soil conditions, clear legal titles and budget per acre of investor.
Design and Develop: Hi-tech orchards are designed and developed by Vasundhara with the choice of planting high value specialty crops that are high in demand, value and supply cycles. A fixed price per acre is charged for the design and development of these orchards which includes the following components:


Manage: Vasundhara would maintain and manage end-to-end farm operations after planting and ensuring – 99% germination, proper process maps and trained supervisor on ground.

These cost-effective models of investment help our customers get more out of their farmlands with minimum effort. Customers can also choose from revenue sharing or fixed income models to realize the profits generated from the farming yields.

With 100% FDI in protected cultivation, investors worldwide can invest in India and benefit from our tax-free income. We have identified several agricultural assets in Maharashtra and are in the process of developing protected farmlands (green house and net house).


Ownership of agricultural land in India along with high annual income opportunity to invest in a green venture – doing your bit for the environment.